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New Zealand born Canadian Artist, Bruce Stanfield has called Canada home Since 1999

Bruce has had a number of creative endeavors, including music, film, photography, writing and even automobile customization, though painting (with a real brush and paint) has always been a mainstay throughout.
A musician in his twenties, playing in garage bands and recording local bands for a record label he had co-founded. In his late twenties and thirties he was an award winning photographer, with Hamilton city’s largest “drive in” studio focusing on commercial, industrial and fashion work.

Later he wrote articles and supplied photographs to national and international magazines, and worked as a senior photographer for a newspaper and a lifestyle magazine.

In his mid thirties a drastic career change found Bruce working on cruise ships as an entertainer and host. He was later asked to become an Art Director for Global Fine Arts (Florida) working with and promoting major living artists (at the time) such as Peter Max, Leroy Neiman and Thomas Kinkade. He also had the distinction of selling original works of art by masters such as Picasso and Chagall and Erte. A permanent move to North America in 1999, found Bruce painting again and after many years working out of the USA and the UK, finally Canada became home.

Bruce presently gives his three artistic endeavors Painting, Digital design and Photography equal time. His works are not only for sale in the virtually world but in over one hundred stores worldwide including Europe, Japan and Singapore. He is currently working with a Californian clothing designer using his vintage world flags series.

Bruce is happy to entertain commissions and has an active altruistic program to help charities and events.

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